Dragon/unicorn/goat named hope…

Hong Kong for New Year’s Eve!!!! I was so excited!! Wait! I am now here and New Year’s Eve is tonight, and I now realise; Hong Kong for New Year’s Eve! with the Tyrant. Still exciting, just a more sedate family friendly excitement…I am currently sat in a fabulous designer mall, in Starbucks, while Tyrant sleeps on my chest, I have been here an hour now. Best time really to reflect and write…

We (myself, Rock, Tyrant, my mum aka the Commandant, siblings and possible-future-in law-sibling) have seen and experienced a multitude of culture, alcohol, history, alcohol, food, alcohol, Disney land (where you can buy alcohol?!) that Hong Kong and, briefly for a day, China has to offer. It is vast, and that’s not just the geographic size or population of China (we didn’t even scratch the surface there) but for a small place Hong Kong is teeming with activities, shopping, history, culture, amusement, sports (is gambling a sport?) and so many are child friendly. And it is so easy to get around and incredibly child friendly! In short I now love Hong Kong!!

Being in Hong Kong and more specifically China, I have learnt a very, very, very small amount about Buddhism and Feng Shui, about balance bringing good and positive things to your home and family and about eternal spirits reborn. That was pretty much it, but it resonated in me. So much so, I persuaded (read brow beat) Rock into buying me a yin and yang dragon/unicorn/goat hybrid husband and wife jade Feng Shui ornaments for our home for a fair amount of money (Rock justified it to himself as an investment that increases in value) I, on the other hand, see hope.

I look at those pieces, and I am reminded that just because we experienced a tragedy, it doesn’t curse you. Dramatic I know, but there are days when I feel like that, specifically every month when Aunt Flo comes for her week visit! I look at those pieces and I am reminded how far I have come, how dark the start of the year was, and how much brighter next year looks. When Cacia first died, even the months after, I could never have imagined I would be enjoying myself in Hong Kong, sometimes a shower seemed a bit far fetched and too much effort! Now as the New Year is upon me, I know I have hope and that things are brighter and lighter despite her missing space. Those pieces remind me that hope always returns, even when you don’t believe it will. You can’t put a price, or taste, on hope.


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