And reset!!!

I love and appreciate my good life, a life afforded me by my husband and living in the Sandpit, however, that is not to say that living in the Sandpit is not wearing. It is very wearing. As a woman I am not allowed to drive, I fit my life between 5 prayer times, as a wife (dependant) I am not allowed to work (well I can but not actually in my chosen career as I would need a visa in my own right and the red tape for visas is ridiculously extreme) and there is no alcohol. I don’t really miss drinking, but sometimes a nice chilled glass of Sauvignon blanc in a lovely adult wineglass is missed, a lot! (Particularly after a trying day with Tyrant and or Rock) I manage without driving, by using drivers/taxis, but I miss the spontaneity and ability of being able to travel independently by myself and or with my toddler (public transport is not used by women and children in the Sandpit). The metro cannot arrive soon enough!! Although I don’t mind wearing the abaya, and I have some lovely abayas that suit my personal style, I eventually, miss the ability to just walk outside uncovered, especially once temperatures get over 30C. 

So I have worked out that I can last 6-8 weeks in the Sandpit before I feel frustration build to such a level that I am ratty, bad tempered and generally a raving bitch to be around. Ah, Dubai. 6 days in Dubai, 4 really due to a days driving either way, and I have returned refreshed and reset for the Sandpit.

I love Dubai! (I also love Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, Oman, anywhere that gets me a break from the Sandpit). But Dubai this time was what was chosen and needed. The free public beach and the ease of moving around it (walk, public transport or taxis) makes it a great destination for a young family, that still occasionally needs to use a pram. The malls, in particular Dubai mall, is fab for a morning and lunch visit with a young child, the fountains, the divers, the fish and lively cafes for me and Rock meant we all had a fun time. 
When i am in Dubai I feel relaxed, chill, holiday mode. It is all I need, it presses the reset button and I am able to come back to the Sandpit ready to go, but only for 6 weeks (maybe 8, at a push).


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