1 week…

We did it. ‘He’ was born. 26 hrs after labour was first induced He arrived, in a glory of pain and tears, and He cried, the most important noise to hear in a delivery room. One week on, I have heard Him cry, held Him to my breast, slept with Him on my chest, held Him while he slept, changed His nappy, changed His clothes, winded Him, rocked Him, kissed Him, all, more times than I can count and sometimes I think it isn’t real, that I am dreaming all of this. I don’t think reality has set in yet, I am sure it will though, the monotonous exhaustion will settle in and He will feel all too real. Eventually the dreamlike moments will fade and give way to the busyness of life and mothering a baby. 
Four are now five. Three are now four. We are a family of five and four. 


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