I choose to believe…

Whatever you believe in, be it religion, spiritual, karma, rebirth, heaven, angels, or like me, unsure, I don’t think you can ignore a message from the ‘other side’. I don’t know what I believe in. I was raised a Catholic, but I am most assuredly lapsed and I question all faiths that have a God or Gods. However, I don’t class myself as a non believer, there have been many moments in my life where I have felt something ‘more’ at play. Where moments that could have turned tragic flipped and became moments of magic. Do I know why? Nope! I don’t think you can rationalise and explain those moments, you just have to choose to believe in ‘more’ or you choose not to. I choose to believe in ‘more’.

Recently our close family friend (more like just family) told me that they had been picked out of crowd by a medium because they had a message for them, a message that was insistent. That message was for Rock and I, about Cacia. A message that was specific to our situation, a message of hope, a message that delivers relief. A message that assures us that our daughter is safe, is cared for, is surrounded by love – these are the fears that plague me in the middle of the night; is she safe? Is she somewhere? Did she find those that would love her and care for her? 

This message was delivered to me a few weeks ago, but it has taken all of this time to process my thoughts, feelings and emotions about the message. I have gone through a gamut of questions in my mind, do I believe? What do I believe? I want to know more! How can I talk to her (Cacia)? Is it real? The list of questions are endless, and they have been running through my mind constantly, all day and night. 

Eventually, I came to a conclusion; none of the questions matter, all that matters is: what I choose to believe. I choose to believe the message, I choose to accept that this is a message that was meant for us and that it was delivered because we needed to hear it. I choose to believe in the magic of that moment and just accept it for what it is, one magic moment where something ‘more’ happened, and it happened for us. I am thankful for that moment, as I am for all those other moments that I cannot explain or understand and just have to accept. I choose to believe.


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