Happy and healthy is all that matters, remember that…

Why are we still not supportive of a mother’s choice? We all know that breastmilk is amazing for baby, but, you know what, there are so many other factors that come into play when finding what is best for baby. It isn’t just about baby, it’s about mum, dad, baby and whole family finding what works best for everyone.

This week I have decided to start Tiny Tyrant with some formula, we are doing a slow transition from breast to formula, so he is now having about 6oz of formula a day while still breastfeeding on demand and eating solids. I don’t need to explain/justify to you or anyone why I have decided to do this. When I tell you this information, all, at most, that needs to be said is ‘how’s it going?’ Not! ‘oh, but breastmilk is so much better for him’ or ‘ did you know the WHO recommends breastfeeding until they’re 2 years old’ or ‘are you sure you can’t keep going until he is one, the antibodies you give him will be so good’. Yes! You mean well. Yes! Your intention is not to undermine my mothering skills and ability to decide what is best for me, my baby and my family, but that is exactly what you have done. I am aware of all of the benefits of breastfeeding, I am aware of all of the recommendations regarding breastfeeding (I am a mother in the 21st Century, I have Dr Google and this is not my first breastfeeding rodeo) I do not require a school playground acquaintance to educate me on what is recommended for babies and definitely not on what is best for me and mine.

Why are we still doing this to each other? My tribe of mothers are educated women, who don’t require a lecture on breast is best, I would assume they have researched and decided to do what they feel is right for their children and themselves. We need to be supportive of each other, be you breastfeeding or formula feeding mums. I question myself continuously on whether I am doing right by my children, feeling guilty for shouting at Tyrant or letting Tiny Tyrant have a cry on his own on the floor because I need to have a break from his whinging until I am ready to deal with him again. The decision to start weaning Tiny Tyrant into mixed feeding wasn’t taken lightly, I am sure all mums can agree that all decisions regarding our children are not taken lightly, so why do some of us still have such a bone to pick about breastfeeding/formula? Come on mums, let’s be kind to each other and stop and think about how your questions/info might make the other mum feel. Listen to what is being said, are they are asking for advice or suggestions or are they simply imparting an update, because depending on the previous will inform on your response. At the end of the day, happy and healthy mums and babies is all that matters, let’s all remember that.


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