My missing space…

On 13 February 2015 my daughter Cacia was stillborn at 22 weeks. The day they told me her heart stopped beating, mine stopped too. Mine started one second later, Cacia’s did not.  

I live in Saudi Arabia (the Sandpit), with my husband (otherwise know as the Rock – both a compliment and an insult), my children and our dog, Bo (the only sane one). I have 3 children; 2 girls and one boy, my eldest, known as Tyrant, Cacia, my missing space, and finally Tiny Tyrant. Tyrant is a lively, energetic, adventurous, smart, beautiful little girl who is an amazing big sister. Tiny Tyrant is my little baby with a big character.  

Welcome to my journey. I hope that by sharing my, and my family’s journey of living with Cacia’s missing space that others won’t feel alone while on their journey. 


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